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5 hangover remedies from around the world

Yeah, we have all been there. You’re out drinking with your friends, having a good time, only to wake up the next morning with a pounding head & nausea. You’re desperate for any sort of relief. The following are some remedies that people around the world claim help to ease the pain. Whether there is any truth behind them or if they remain just a cultural myth is unknown. 

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My Most Recent Memorable Restaurant Experience


A few weeks ago my husband and I decided it was time to venture out and try a new restaurant. I’m so happy that we did. We came across a Mexican street food restaurant known as Cantina Louie, located in Saint Augustine, Florida and decided to go there for dinner.

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How to host the ultimate tapas party

Are you throwing a party but don’t want to spend the entire night stuck in the kitchen? Don’t stress! Preparing tapas for your guests is the perfect solution. Originating in Spain, tapas are appetizers or snacks, which can be either hot or cold and usually are paired with drinks (wine, sangria or cocktails).

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Ways to eat healthy on a budget

Are you ready to start cooking healthier for you and your family? Some people still think that choosing healthy foods will always be more expensive. It doesn’t have to break the bank as long as you follow some important tips.

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Signs you know you have a hot sauce addiction

Hot Sauce Addiction

Some people add a splash to their scrambled eggs, some mix it into their chili recipe. Others add it to their burger for a kick. And then there are some who take it to the extreme and must put hot sauce on everything! You may be obsessed if….

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Biryani. A true multicultural dish


How many of you never heard of biryani? It’s a dish invented in south Asia and claimed by muslim-indians. With its popularity growing every year around the world, it’s not that difficult to order a plate of freshly-cooked biryani in any western country nowadays. It is generally made with spices, rice and meat, and it’s delicious!

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