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Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Spring is here and that means Easter is quickly approaching! Here are some bright and beautiful DIY egg decor craft ideas that you will love! 

easter egg1

Marble eggs - To make Marble Easter eggs you will need white vinegar, assorted food coloring, several mixing bowls, olive oil, hard boiled eggs and warm water. Mix 15-20 drops of food coloring in each bowl with one Tablespoon of vinegar and three cups of warm water. Roll the eggs around in the water until they reach the desired shade. In a separate bowl, add two cups of warm water, food coloring and two Tablespoons of olive oil. Dip the egg in the mixture, and roll it around (this is what creates the marble swirl pattern), remove and let dry overnight.

marble easter egg


Nail Polish Marble Eggs - Similar to how you make regular Marble Eggs, all you need is an assortment of nail polishes, warm water, toothpicks, hard boiled eggs, and nail polish remover(to clean off nail polish from your hands at the end). Place the warm water in a bowl and add two or three different nail polishes. Make a swirling effect with a toothpick to mix the polish. Submerge each egg in the mixture completely, remove and place back in the egg carton. You will want to let these dry overnight.

marbled polish egg

Eggs with faces - This DIY decorating idea is so simple! Start off with at least a dozen hard boiled eggs, dip them in a mixture of warm water, one to two Tablespoons of vinegar, and food coloring of your choice and allow them dry overnight. The next day take a sharpie and some acrylic paint and have fun creating your own unique characters!

eggs with faces


Ombre Easter eggs - For this idea, line up five bowls of warm water with one Tablespoon of vinegar in each. Choose just one color from your food coloring kit (such as purple) and places two drops of purple in the first bowl, four drops in the next, six in the third bowl and so on. You should end up with lavender, lilac, orchid, violet and plum colors in each of the dishes (if you choose purple), varying from very light to dark. Dip eggs in each of the mixtures, then allow them to dry completely. This trendy idea makes a beautiful centerpiece for the dining room table!

ombre easter egg

Glitter eggs - After your color-dipped hard boiled eggs are completely dried, fill a bowl with elmers glue, and you can either cover the eggs completely with the glue or you can paint on shapes with a fine brush (dots or stripes). Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry.

glitter egg


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