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5 hangover remedies from around the world

Yeah, we have all been there. You’re out drinking with your friends, having a good time, only to wake up the next morning with a pounding head & nausea. You’re desperate for any sort of relief. The following are some remedies that people around the world claim help to ease the pain. Whether there is any truth behind them or if they remain just a cultural myth is unknown. 


Umeboshi - Pickled, sun dried plums are typically used as a hangover cure in Japan and are thought to help cleanse the liver, eliminate toxins, stimulate digestion and to prevent nausea. They are salty and sour, and contain lots of fiber and potassium.


Hair of the dog - This expression is used to describe the use of alcohol to help get rid of a hangover. Some people in the United States prefer to drink a Bloody Mary for a quick fix. The idea behind this cure is that the vodka or gin is mixed with the alcohol in your system, and allows you to get temporary relief from a headache, while the tomato juice helps with water retention from the salt content.

bloody mary


Pickle Juice - In both Russia and Poland, people have been known to drink a jar of pickle juice, due to the electrolyte content, which can help with the dehydration.

pickle juice


 Kokoreç - In Turkey, after a night of partying hard, people will stop and grab a bite of this particular street food, which consists of lamb or goat organs wrapped in the intestines, served on a “pide” or Turkish flat bread.



Balut - In the Philippines, a poached fertilized duck-embryo is a common method of fighting off a hangover. The embryo contains Cysteine, an amino acid which promotes detoxification, and also serves as an antioxidant in the body.



From personal experience, I believe sleep, ibuprofen, plenty of water (or coconut water which contains electrolytes) and eating a hearty breakfast(such as eggs, toast, bacon and orange juice) the morning after the most effective hangover helpers when you overindulge. The best advice I’ve gotten is to drink in moderation, and to have a glass of water in between each drink to avoid a hangover all together.

hangover remedies



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